Sounds of LHS
Band-Glen Yarberry, director
1. Prelude to Faust
2. Overture 1812
3. March Melodie
Choir-Laurene Edmondson, director
1. I Hear a Voice a'Prayin
2. Exultate Deo
3. Gloria
4. Lo, A Voice to Heaven Sounding
5. Ideo, Gloria, In Excelsis Deo
6. The Turtle Dove
Band-LeWallace Howe, director
1. Trittico
2. Rienzi Overture
3. Incantation and Dance
Choir-Laurene Edmondson, director
1. My Heart is Offered Still to You
2. Liberame
3. This Little Babe
4. Down by the Sparkling Fountain
5. The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee
6. Sound the Trumpet
7. Three Madrigals
8. Great God a'Mighty
Slipped inside the back cover of the 1964 Chieftain is a 45 rpm record containing an audio snapshot of the school year. It includes a greeting from LHS Principal Harold Ferguson, band, choir, drama, cheerleaders, sports wrapups, and more. Take a trip back down memory lane. Click the links below to hear them.
Chieftain 1964
Reflections of 1964--Side A
Reflections of 1964--Side B
1. Prologue
2. Brigadoon
3. Down on MacMonnachy Square
4. Waitin' for my Dearie
5. I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean
6. The Heather on The Hill
7. The Love of My Life
8. Jeannie's Packin' Up
9. Come to Me, Bend to Me
10. Almost Like Being in Love
11. Wedding Scene
12. Sword Dance
13. The Chase
14. There But for You Go I
15. My Mother's Weddin' Day
16. From This Day On
17. Reprises
18. Reprise - Brigadoon
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Band-Glen Yarberry, director
1. La Fiesta Mexicana -- Prelude and Aztec Dance
2. La Fiesta Mexicana -- Mass
3. La Fiesta Mexicana -- Carnival
4. Carnival of Venice
5. Elephant Tango
6. The Sound of Music
7. His Honor
Bill Bell, tuba, guest soloist