Pat Kennedy with his sculpture of Louis Papa in Benson Sculpture Garden during the Class of '66 40th Reunion..
Downtown goes to the (bronze) dogs
By Sarah Bultema
The Reporter-Herald

People, dogs and people dressed up as dogs gathered at the corner of Fifth Street and Cleveland Avenue on Friday to honor one of the newest additions to Loveland's public art collection: "Molly, Deeter and Susie."

"They're fantastic," said Sandy Bernard, who attended the event. "They've got personality."

The sculpture, depicting three hounds lazily leaning on each other, was a donation to the city of Loveland by the Loveland Sculpture Group in 2007. It was installed on the street corner earlier this year.

The artist, Loveland's Pat Kennedy, said the inspiration behind the bronze hounds came from watching a few of his friend's real-life bassets.

"Basset hounds have this character to them," he said. With long bodies, short legs and long, floppy ears, the pooches are "kind of funny to begin with," Kennedy said.

He isn't sure where the names came from, but he pointed out that Deeter is the one looking apprehensive in between two lady dogs.

They're larger than life-sized with rounded bodies so children can sit on and play with them, Kennedy said. Originally he'd hoped the piece would go in a park but said the sculpture's location is a good place.

And grown-ups seemed to enjoy the sculpture just as much as children, posing with and petting the pooches throughout the event.

"People can identify with them so easily. They're so lovable," said Randy Amys, chairman of the Loveland Visual Arts Commission, who was sporting floppy dog ears and makeup whiskers.

"It's a lot of fun to have things right on the sidewalk for everyone to interact with."

The Visual Arts Commission hopes to put more art in the downtown area by purchasing new pieces and moving existing art, Amys said.

"It will give people another reason to come downtown," he said.
Reporter-Herald photo/Jenny Sparks
Connie Rockwell of Loveland feels the tongue of Susie, one of the basset hounds immortalized in the bronze piece "Molly, Deeter and Susie" during a dedication ceremony for the sculpture Friday at Fifth Street and Cleveland Avenue. Reporter-Herald/Jeff Stahla

Publish Date: 5/10/2008
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